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Illuminating Resilience: The Power of Hybrid Solar Systems in overcoming Load Shedding
30 November 2023

Hybrid agricultural system
5 October 2023

Justifying the cost of commercial hybrid systems has been difficult in the past, however, with the extensive loadshedding experienced in the last year and the costs of running a generator both from a diesel and maintenance point of view, the calculation now makes totally sense.  
Winelands Solar becomes certified Tesla Powerwall 2 Installer
11 December 2020

We are proud to announce our Tesla Powerwall 2 installer certification.
Winelands Solar Moves to Techno Park
29 August 2020

Visit us at our new offices in Carpe Diem Office Park in Techno Park.
Client Feeds Back to the Grid
20 October 2017

Our client, a Franschhoek resident, is very satisfied with his 7kwp system installed by Winelands Solar two weeks ago.
Franschhoek Grid Tie Solar Energy Installation by Winelands Solar
20 October 2017

Our recent installation in Franschhoek was switched on by mid-March. This 25kwp grid tie solar system with 96 x 265 Polysol modules, a 25kwp SolarEdge inverter and 49 x P600 optimizers is a very effective and an extremely good quality German solar system.
Somerset West Solar PV installation
6 July 2017

We have a happy customer in Somerset West.  The Solar System that Winelands Solar fitted on his roof, consists of 2 x Solar water geysers (Tubes) and a 6Kwp solar system with 28 monochristaline modules, a three phase Hybrid Inverter and 16 x 100AH Gel Batteries for backup (9,6KW storage) to make sure his requirements are met during the day and his back-up battery system covers the rest.
200L Retrofit with 20 tube Collector
30 May 2016

This is a very normal conversion of a 200L electric geyser into a Solar water heating system in Stellenbosch. It is called a retrofit.
Winelands Solar converted the existing geyser to be a cost saver on this client’s roof. The solar heating system has a 20 Tube Collector.
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