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Residential Solutions
We specialise in designing and implementing Solar Energy Solutions for homes in the Western Cape. Our Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems can help you reduce your electricity costs, avoid power interruptions and live more sustainably.

Winelands Solar is a PVGreenCard Approved Installer, recognised by Nedbank (Visit Nedbank's Solar Energy Finance)

Here are a few options available to Winelands Solar clients for residential applications:
1. Grid Tie Solar Energy Solution
Do you want to:
2. Off-Grid Solar Energy Solution
Great option if:
  • Your home does not have access to Eskom electricity at all.
  • You'll be using backup batteries to have electricity when the sun does not shine.
  • You could use an off-grid option connected to the grid as backup.
3. Hybrid Solar Energy Solution
The best of both worlds:
  • Our most popular option.
  • You want to use less electricity in your home.
  • You want the ability to upgrade easily by using backup batteries to be more independent from the grid in the case of power outages.
  • You’d like the option of exporting excess electricity to the municipality (where possible)
Custom-Designed Solar Energy Solutions
As Solar Energy Specialists, we have the technical expertise to design and implement custom Solar Energy Solutions in our clients’ homes. Our team can advise you on the most effective way to achieve your desired outcomes with your residential Solar Energy Solution.
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Commercial & Industrial Solutions
Rising electricity costs and poor energy security make it difficult for South African business owners to stay competitive. Winelands Solar can help you take back control of your production costs. We specialise in designing and implementing Commercial & Industrial Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems for businesses in the Western Cape.

Through our strategic alliance with The Rental Company, we are able to offer tailor made, strategic financing packages for commercial and industrial clients.

Winelands Solar clients enjoy an excellent return on investment from our Solar Energy Solutions for businesses, both soon after their initial investment and in the long term. Our expert team of Solar Energy Specialists is ready to advise you on the best Solar Energy Solution for your business.
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