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Grid-Tie Solar System - Hermanus
Winelands Solar installed a 3Kwp Grid Tie Solar System in Hermanus. This solar system will potentially produce 450 kwh of solar energy in good weather conditions, giving the client a saving of more or less 68% on his electricity bill.

If you are interested in solar, please contact us. We make switching to solar simple...!
Grid-Tie Solar System - Franschhoek
This 25kwp grid tie solar system with 96 x 265 Polysol modules, a 25kwp SolarEdge inverter and 49 x P600 optimizers is a very effective and an extremely good quality German solar system. We had to use the Eastern, Western and Northern roof space for the installation. The system should generate plus/minus 100 units per day in normal conditions.

Another happy, responsible client who started to save money and CO2 emission immediately.
Solar Energy Modules for Pergola
A SMA Sunny Boy Grid Tie Inverter, Sunny Island Battery Inverter with a BMZ Lithium Battery Bank was used to complete this highly effective, top quality energy system. The top quality and exceptionally high standards of this solar power system ensure effective usage and great value for money for years to come.
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