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“Thank you so much for your quick response. Your after-service is excellent.”
Johan Steyn, Kuilsrivier
"Johann and I were thrilled with the service that Winelands Solar provided. From the initial phone call to you right until the completion of installation we were impressed with your professionalism and great workmanship.
It is not easy to have some-one at your home for hours but the job was completed with minimum disruption."
Johann and Alex Steyl
"Thank you for your input and being right there, even after hours. You are a winning team. All that remains is the upkeep of the AFTER SALES RELATIONS. Keep up the good work.
Shalom to you all"
Hugo & Ronell Rohland, Somerset West
“What a pleasure to witness how such a well-oiled organization commits itself to carry out work from the management right down to the men on the ground. Even the managers were present.”
Hugo Rohland
“I would like to compliment Winelands Solar with the way they handled the whole contract and also compliment him on his patience with the municipality."
Michael Kirkland
“I will recommend the Winelands Solar team to all my friends. What a nice experience to go solar in such a professional, passionate way. Thank you very much, Winelands Solar”
Dr Jagersma, Stellenbosch
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